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Trump's former spokesman: Country will be better off without him He will be defeated in November

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Trump's former spokesman: Country will be better off without him He will be defeated in November

Donald Trump won’t like this message from his former communication’s director. But Anthony Scaramucci did not mince his words.

The revenge of Anthony Scaramucci

Watch the full episode here.

Anthony Scaramucci gave a fairly lengthy interview on MSNBC, where he was not too kind to Donald Trump or Fox News. He made it clear that there was a politically incestuous relationship between Trump and several Fox News opinion hosts.

Scaramucci said that the Trump that Fox News promotes to their viewers do not exist. He had much more to say. But one could not dismiss the following.

“I tried to help the president,” Anthony Scaramucci said. “I’m a lifelong Republican. I got asked to serve the country. I tried to serve the country.”

Scaramucci pointed out that he was fired. But he said even after being fired for something that was his fault; he stayed loyal to the president.

Scaramucci then laid into Donald Trump. It was even more effective because of his tonality and the preface to his statement.

“He does things that are unpatriotic,” Scaramucci said about the president. “He does things that are un-American. He is a morose bully, and he’s bad on policy. He’s failed us on the health care crisis. He’s destroyed the economy through his decisions related to COVID-19. There’s a whole litany of things that he’s done, and now this mushroom of information is going to be coming up over the next two to three months. And the country’s going to be better off without him. He will be defeated in November.

Scaramucci would go on to point out that powerful Republican forces are lining up to take him out. He is making it clear an ouster is almost a foregone conclusion.

“He’s got a very different situation now,” Scaramucci said. “He’s got a very large group of Republicans, some of the esteemed ones that you showed prior to that last commercial break. … He doesn’t have any of the what I would say rank and file people that have been the core mission core muscle of the Republican Party, and so as Steve Bannon said, he said three to five percent of those Republicans, if they’re hived off, he’s going to lose. And so that’s what we’re working on. We’ll be working on that over the next 75 days.”

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