The financial data continues to close in on IMPOTUS as a whistleblower with knowledge of the underwriting has informed the FBI about the Russian VTB bank’s support of Deutsche Bank loans.

This helps explain the inability of Trump to challenge Russian influence in a variety of political and economic situations, including the Arms for Dirt scandal. It also demonstrates how adjacent Trump obligations have a proximity to a variety of shady activities. Combine the revelations of the Ukraine hold and the bank loan underwriters, Trump must have excited by the possibility of a major diversion offered by the Suleimani assassination.

Val Broeksmit: 

The Russian state bank VTB underwrote loans to Donald Trump via Deutsche Bank. Over the course of Trump’s relationship with DB, an inordinate amount of questionable, mismanaged & risky loans approved by Deutsche Bank to Trump required his Personal Guarantee which, over time, also lost its value.

Trump’s team at DB sought out creative ways to circumvent the varied protections DB’s compliance team institutionally implemented, & whether by happenstance or by design Trump’s loans became underwritten by Russia’s own VTB.

I informed the FBI of this in 2019.

Val Broeksmit informed the FBI in late 2019 about his knowledge of VTB’s underwriting of Trump’s loans, information he attributed to a network of sources connected to the bank he cultivated over the past five-plus years.

Underwriting is the process where financial institutions assess the ability of potential customers to fulfill their obligations. Underwriters have access to “credit and financial information, as well as the state of the [property],” according to US News, though underwriters can sometimes be unknown to the person seeking the loan.

Forensic News is not confirming the underlying claim that VTB underwrote Trump’s loans from Deutsche Bank.

Forensic News can, however, confirm that at least some of Trump’s loans were issued by a bank subsidiary with business ties to VTB. That subsidiary owed more than $48 million to VTB in 2013 and documents suggest the subsidiary continued doing business with VTB even after the bank was sanctioned in 2014.


The bank that allegedly underwrote Trump’s loans is one of the largest banks in Russia, and is majority owned by the Russian government. VTB (Vneshtorgbank) was placed on a sanctions list by the U.S. and the European Union in July 2014 as punishment for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, ensuring anyone who continued doing business with the bank after that date could be subject to criminal liability.

VTB returned to headlines in 2018 when Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, admitted that both he and Trump were told in 2015 that VTB would be the funder of the now-infamous Trump Tower Moscow project. Trump associate Felix Sater reportedly arranged for VTB to fund the project and worked to approve passports for a planned trip to Russia. As the election heated up, the trip became politically unpalatable and never occurred.…

Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction [David Enrich]

Olga Lautman, an investigative reporter who spent years tracking Russian money in U.S. politics, said that Russian government officials were supportive of the effort to have Oleg Deripaska’s companies removed from the sanctions list.

“In April, the head of Russia’s Federal Antimonopoly Service, Igor Artemyev, proposed an idea of temporarily nationalizing Deripaska’s stake held in Rusal to protect the company from sanctions,” Lautman told Newsweek. “Both VTB and Glencore were previously involved in the 19.5 percent Rosneft sale in 2016, and more recently VTB allegedly offered to finance Trump Tower Moscow. VTB, a state-owned bank, is considered one of Putin’s banks that is associated with the Russian intelligence agency the FSB.”…

  • January 7, 2020
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