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Trump's cosplay fascism continues as Dems fight back, because #BunkerBoy's “bums” battlespace

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While national polling continues against Trump, trailing Biden by 17%, his frantic fascist cosplay is playing out in ways reminiscent to Nixon’s reaction to antiwar protests.

President Trump came closer to the brink of ordering active-duty military troops to intervene against protesters in Washington this week than has generally been reported, according to senior Pentagon officials.

“It was clear to me that the president was ready to use the Insurrection Act and send in troops” on Monday, when federal police cleared the area near the White House so Trump could pose for a photo outside St. John’s Episcopal Church, said one knowledgeable senior Pentagon official. The official requested anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issues.
Trump’s push for direct military intervention came in a noisy meeting midday Monday in the Oval Office with Vice President Pence, Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper, Attorney General William P. Barr and Gen. Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Esper, Barr and Milley all opposed the active-duty troop call-up, while Pence took Trump’s side, the senior Pentagon official said.
Advisers urged the president to hold off an immediate deployment, arguing that National Guard troops activated by state governors could maintain order in the Washington region and elsewhere for now. Trump wasn’t convinced, the Pentagon official said, countering: “We need to get control of the streets. We need 10,000 troops up here [in Washington]. I want it right now.”
When the heated discussion ended, Trump led a conference call with state governors, during which he said he was putting Milley “in charge” of military operations and urged the governors to “dominate” what Esper described as the “battlespace.”…


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