Trump's collusion with Turkey is more than a distraction from Ukraine woes

Excellent William Saletan article in Slate reminding us how much Turkey is part of Trump’s corruption going back to Mike Flynn. It’s made worse as Turkey begins its new attacks on the Kurds.

It’s hard to keep track of President Donald Trump’s betrayals of his country.

In the midst of all this madness—most recently, the administration’s stonewalling of a congressional inquiry into Trump’s coercion of Ukrainethe president has ordered American forces to get out of the way of a Turkish invasion in Syria. The troop withdrawal looks like a distraction, but it isn’t. Trump is colluding with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, just as he has colluded with other authoritarians against the United States. The timeline of their relationship tells a story of disloyalty to America and its allies.

  • Turkey infiltrates the Trump campaign. 
  • Flynn spikes a plan to arm the Kurds.
  • Flynn is exposed—and Trump defends him. 
  • Trump congratulates Erdogan on rolling back democracy. 
  • Trump accepts Turkish political violence in the United States. 
  • Trump presses the U.S. government to expel Gülen.
  • Trump sides with Erdogan against American generals
  • Trump denounces U.S. officials for contradicting him.Trump sells out the Kurds again. After Trump’s December 2018 call with Erdogan, hawks in Congress and the administration persuaded Trump to keep some troops in Syria. But Turkish officials were confident that they could pry Trump away from his American advisers. And they did: On Sunday, in another phone call, Erdogan told Trump that he wanted to send Turkish forces into Syria. Without consulting allies or the Pentagon, Trump agreed to get out of the way. Within hours, on Trump’s instructions, American troops abandoned the area. On Monday, Trump tweeted farewell to the Kurds.

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