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“Trump’s cognitive decline/problems are that he doesn’t even seem to have comprehension of reality”

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An existential threat to American democracy. Tell all ye may.

Fascinating short piece in Washington Monthly about the disinformation that the GOP will try to wage against Biden’s health even as GuapoTrumpHaus(Blanco) IMPOTUS* seems to be the real cognitive invalid.

During a town hall on Fox News Thursday night, Trump once again alluded to the idea that Biden is unfit for office. While the lies about the Bidens and Burisma will likely continue, the Daily Caller reports that this new line of attack will be a focus for Republicans and the Trump campaign.

An existential threat to American democracy. Tell all ye may.
There are now 429 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed cases  USA, up from 360 this afternoon which was up from 164 yesterday. The number reported by CDC is still 164. It hasn’t budged in more than 36 hours.

This issue, however, is not simply being raised by Trump and his enablers. Steve Friess reports that a memo about Biden’s “cognitive decline” is circulating among Sanders’ supporters.


We’ve all watched Biden stumble with words during debates and extemporaneous speeches. So as people committed to examining facts and evidence, it is important to gather what we know about this particular attack and not simply dismiss it because of the sources from which it is emanating.


We are about to be subjected to a massive disinformation campaign against Joe Biden, and this one will be particularly pernicious. But for those of us who are fact-based, it is important to keep in mind that there is no data to support the allegations that are being made.…

Difficult to imagine if a US administration proud about infrastructure week(s) could even build a 1000 bed hospital from scratch in a week, especially with the Master Builder in the White House. And with conservatives claiming COVID-19 was a hoax, a CPAC attendee contracted the virus, with no comment on the community exposure there other than saying Trump and Pence were not exposed.


The (US) cities weren’t ready, and the tests didn’t work.

Public health experts and officials faced a deluge of challenges, almost from the beginning. First there were the problems with the initial coronavirus test kits, which contained an unspecified problem with a compound that prompted inconclusive results; it took experts nearly three weeks of troubleshooting to find a workaround. Initial U.S. guidelines for testing also were overly narrow, only screening individuals who presented with respiratory symptoms and had either recently traveled to China or come in close contact with an infected person.

Infighting quickly materialized among agencies that have long had poor relationships — feuding was especially intense between the CDC and the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response — and when the situation went awry, recriminations were swift. Public health officials and experts also struggled to find an uneasy equilibrium between doing their jobs honestly and transparently while trying to manage a mercurial president, who griped about what he viewed as overheated rhetoric by officials and the media.


Many public health officials say the administration did not make good use of crucial time before the virus emerged in the United States.

“The draconian quarantines imposed by the Chinese bought us time, and have we used that time to good purpose, to prepare ourselves? And the short answer is no,” said Stephen Morrison, a senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, where he directs the center’s global health work. “How many people have been tested in our country? How much has been done to make sure the hospitals and clinics are prepared for what may come, in terms of basic protective gear and the like?”

The repeated false claims by the president that the virus was being contained exacerbated the problem. They made it difficult for public health officials to lay out the need to prepare for what happens next, even after most experts had begun to fear the virus was already here and spreading. There was also a ripple effect, with health officials and others not taking the threat as seriously as they should have because Trump kept on making faulty assurances, such as his claim at a Feb. 26 news conference that within the United States, the number of cases was “going to be down to close to zero.”…




foundation leaking



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