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Trump's casual racism returns in his COVID-19 presser because “the story of life” as Market falls

All gains since Trump’s inaugural have been lost as the stock market hit two circuit breakers today while Trump led the WH daily briefing.

Trump still believes that he will be re-elected, and in the absence of rallies, today’s presser was used to promote sinophobia and insult Joe Biden.

Today’s meme was “war-time POTUS” as the Defense Production Act was invoked again to help produce more medical equipment and cloud the movement toward corporate bailouts.

Apparently, how sports teams could get COVID-19 tests (the NBA Utah Jazz got 58 tested) was for Trump in response to a question about the unfairness of privilege, “That’s the story of life”. Scopes’s social darwinism at work.

“The most consequential—and logically inexplicable—decision taken by this administration* in response to the current pandemic occurred in January, when German scientists developed the first test for COVID-19 and the World Health Organization offered the test to countries around the world and 60 countries accepted. We were not one of them.”…