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Just a quick reminder, I have absolutely no idea of who is going to win the Democratic primaries for President, and neither do you. I don’t even have a “favorite” yet, and won’t for some little while to come, I want to see and hear them perform in some of the upcoming debates before I start to even think about locking in on any one potential front runner. I will say this though, I think that anybody who automatically relegates Amy Klobuchar to the second tier due to her national name recognition is making a mistake. But there is already a dynamic starting to take shape, even in this early stage of the primaries that is fascinating, and it has nothing to do with how the Democratic hopefuls are relating to each other. Exactly the opposite in fact.

Donald J Trump, Pestquire seems to have a bit of a woman problem. For a bull stud that is reputedly more desirable than Valentino himself, Trump seems to have run into an inordinately high number of outlier women who just didn’t find him all that desirable when he put his filthy paws all over them. And they didn’t mind saying so in public either. Man, talk about a hit to the good old Casanova meter!

As if having all of those loud mouthed crybabies on his ass wasn’t enough, Trump now finds himself faced with a strong, independent woman who is as infallible to his male dominance as water is to oil. Nancy Pelosi is tossing him around over her head like pizza dough, while he spins helplessly, and flattens out a bit more with every rotation. His complete inability to deal with her is apparent from the fact that the worst Twitter epithet he can think of for this hated rival is “Nancy.” What’s the matter tough guy, cat got your tongue?

Personally, I am thrilled to see at this early stage, that there are more women than men running for President on the Democratic side. It is a testament to the diversity of the Democratic party, especially considering that the women are eminently qualified for consideration. On the Republican side, not only do you not have any women running for President, you don’t even have any men running for the job, just the whiny and petulant man child. And this infusion of intelligent, qualified, assertive women on the Democratic side is going to give Trump a whole lot of agita right out of the gate, for the simple reason that he just can’t keep his big, fat, New York nose out of anything!

It was stated on MSNBC today that women running for President have an inherent problem, polling shows that men will vote for someone that they don’t personally like if they agree with their positions, but if they don’t “like” a female candidate, their positions are unimportant, the man won’t vote for them. We’re already seeing this with Amy Klobuchar, with this nonsensical controversy over how tough of a boss she is on her staff. Nobody makes such a claim against a male candidate, unless sexual harassment is involved. Men are “driven,” women are just “nags.” And now we’re hearing that Klobuchar is too “nice” to run, Trump will walk all over her. Is Beto O’Rourke too “nice,” and “down home folksy” to tackle Trump?

But the way that I see it, that dynamic may be largely negated in this campaign, for one simple reason. As was conclusively proven in 2018, the Democrats want somebody who is willing to “stand up” to Trump, a fighter. And in this visual, any one of these women can dominate. After all, another man taking on Trump looks like two gorillas pounding their chests, and baring their teeth at each other. But a woman taking it to Trump, and handing him his ass? The look is completely different, mainly because the expectation is that the big, strong, dominant male will put the woman in her place, and instead, Mama is sending junior to the corner for a time out.

We’re already seeing this dynamic play out, in real time. With her formal candidacy announcement, Trump immediately dragged out his tired, old “Pocahontas”trope to thrill the cro-magnons that make up his base. But instead of crying piteously, Warren snapped back with a right uppercut about Trump possibly not being on the ticket in 2020, but quite possibly not even being “a free person” in 2020. OUCH! Nothing quite like having your potential opponent bring up your criminal culpability, is there. After all, while Elizabeth Warren may have misidentified her ethnicity, at least she’s not acing criminal indictment for it.

And he tried the same tactic with Amy Klobuchar on Sunday, with the same disastrous results. He mocked her on her position on global warming, jabbing that she looked like a “snow man, or woman” by the time her announcement was over. How did she respond? By sweetly mocking his refusal to expose his pasty, spray tanned ass to the elements, and maybe get a little water on his polyester hair, a clear rebuke for his refusal to visit the American military cemetery at Normandy because it was raining outside. BIFF! POW! Vanity, thy name is Trump. And just think, Kamala Harris hasn’t even had to weigh in yet, since Trump has been avoiding her like the South Beach diet.

Since the day that women gained the right to vote, the conventional “wisdom” has always been that they’ll never win because they can’t run like a man. This overtly sexist claptrap is being laid to rest this time, if for no better reason than the fact that these intelligent, capable women aren’t running against a man, they’re running against a cheap, petty, vindictive, sexist pig, with the vocabulary skills of something straight out of the Olduvai Gorge. For the first time, running as a woman is a distinct advantage, because they’re running for women. The entire sisterhood.

Which brings me to the second reason that these female candidates have an innate advantage this time, and that is Trump’s own self destructive behavior. These women have already gotten stuck in Trump’s craw, simply because they’re women, something to be crushed under his heel, and he has already responded like the clumsy oaf that he is. And every time that they publicly flatten him, his response is going to be ure Trump, get lower, get more sexist, and get more racist. When he ridicules Klobuchar for being a woman standing in the snow, he doesn’t just insult Klobuchar, he infuriates all women, and the men who love them, and they won’t forget that. When he rudely tweeted “See you in the TRAIL” to Elizabeth Warren, he didn’t just insult her, he insulted every native American, as well as anybody with a social conscience, and a sense of national shame over that long ago genocidal march inflicted on native Americans. And the longer this goes on, and the more often these women kick Trump’s ass, the more abusive and insulting he is going to become, and the more people he is going to permanently alienate.

This is why it is so important to have these women in the race, and to have them being strong, forceful women. Because, simply by the fact that they are women, they are goading Trump into the kind of obnoxious behavior that won’t just offend women, it will offend pretty much everybody who doesn’t sport a MAGA had on their empty heads. Whether one of the women actually wins the nomination is in one way irrelevant, their simple participation in the process will have galvanized women all over again against Trump, along with reminding pretty much every other non Trmbie in the country what a crude, insufferable excuse for a human being that Trump is. And they aren’t going to forget it, or change their minds about him just because one of them may not be the eventual candidate. Whatever the eventual outcome of the Democratic primaries, it will be the women who bring Trump down next November. Thanks ladies,we’re all proud of you.

Copies of President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange are still sitting around collecting dust, and Amazon is starting to send me nasty e-mails. And what better time to get reacquainted with the roller coaster that was the 2016 election cycle than before the release of the final volume of the trilogy, President Evil III, All the Presidents Fen.

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  • February 12, 2019