Stephanie Ruhle made an important point about the Trump bailout stimulus. The big businesses will get bigger as the small businesses disappear.

Stephanie Ruhle on the bailout

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One can make large structural changes when economies take the kind of hit the world economy is taking. Things get so disruptive that one has to institute policies that fix things immediately as one rebuilds.

The thing is, only the voices that demand to be heard are listened to. They are the ones that dictate both the short term and long term solutions. The thing is that the short term solutions can lay the path for the ultimate long term outcomes.

We have a Democratic House and a Republican Senate and President. While it is understandable that progressives will not fare the best in that mix, one would expect more pushback against such heavily biased policies in favor of the corporations.

As Stephanie Ruhle made it clear, the current implementation of the bailout, read stimulus, isn't stimulus at all. After all, it is making the top of the corporations whole, shareholders, and executives, as it decimates small businesses and people solely out of neglect.

As she said in her commentary, Walmart had the capital to make their businesses relatively safe for business. Small mom and pop shops do not and the help from the government, 'We the People' is just not coming to fruition.

The lack of support for the small businesses and the people directly will further bifurcate our society into those who have and those who must beg.

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