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Trump's advisers worried our dunce of a president will give away the store in North Korea talks

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It's hard to believe a lifelong conman could get conned this easily. 

Then again, if there is anything truly special about Donald J. Trump it’s his unique pastiche of insensate evil and abject stupidity.

Trump’s advisers are freaking out — once again — over his foreign policy naiveté. This time it concerns his bromance with Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s bloody dictator.

Trump seems convinced that his upcoming summit with Kim will yield a breakthrough — and he appears to be very much alone in that expectation.


Many, including several of the president’s top advisers, are less excited. Some have expressed trepidation not only that the summit, scheduled to take place next week in Hanoi, may not yield big results. They worry, too, that Trump, eager to declare victory on the world stage, could make big concessions in exchange for empty promises of denuclearization.

The push for a second summit came almost entirely from the president himself, according to current and former White House officials — but Trump remains undeterred. He has gushed about the “wonderful letters” he has received from Kim, as well as the “good rapport” he has developed with the North Korean leader and the enormous media coverage the event in Vietnam's capital is likely to attract. Trump even bragged, in a phone call Tuesday with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, that he is the only person who can make progress on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula …

I’ve rolled my eyes so often over the past two years, they could deadlift a Shetland pony.

I mean, good God, he is dumb. And everyone in his administration appears to know it. So what the fuck are they doing pretending he’s a real president?

“There is not optimism in the administration,” said Ian Bremmer, founder and president of the Eurasia Group. “[Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo is deeply skeptical that we are going to get anything of substance on denuclearization from Kim Jong Un, and Pompeo believes the North Koreans are just playing for time.”

Gee, ya think? 

Of course, North Korea hasn’t come close to denuclearizing or honoring the useless pledge it signed during the last Trump-Kim summit. But, hey, Trump got all these beautiful letters from Kim, and if you can stare at Trump’s tumescent head for 30 seconds without rupturing a pulmonary lobe from laughing, you get whatever the fuck you want from this White House.

Other officials have publicly contradicted the president’s optimistic line on Kim’s intentions.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel told a Senate panel last month that North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear arsenal. “The regime is committed to developing a long-range nuclear armed missile that would pose a direct threat to the United States,” Haspel said.

In other words, goodbye Dan Coats, hello unqualified Trump-toadying lunatic. 

I don’t know about you, but I look forward to the day when Trump’s cabinet is entirely comprised of former Fox News anchors and retired McDonaldland characters.


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