Trumpian treachery in Syria – “Russia role on the rise as Trump packs and leaves”


This debacle continues as Trump claims he’s in favor of world peace, likely because he “lost” the Nobel prize to someone who brokered actual peace. Even more likely is that Trump’s holdings in Turkey were threatened and he was given a signal that this withdrawal would be favorable to Putin.

2/ … that he shouldn’t withdraw the 50-150 US troops from the Syrian border because it would betray our allies, lead to their slaughter, empower Russia in Syria, risk release of many ISIL detainees, allow Turkey to breach the UN Charter w/impunity, and more. (cont.) 
3/ Yet following his call w/Erdogan, Trump (presumably) directed DoD to order those troops withdrawn, which led to precisely the calamity he’d been warned about. Do we yet know the answers to these key questions?: 
4/ i. *Why* did he do it? (He hasn’t given a remotely plausible account yet publicly.)

ii. What did the high-ranking DoD officers (and NSC officials, etc.) say to him when he called them and told them to issue the order? Did they try to talk him out of it? (cont.) 

5/ If so, did he explain why he was refusing to back down? If so, was his explanation at all coherent?

iii. What, if anything, can be done now, esp. in terms of force deployment, to limit the consequences of this inexplicable, disastrous decision? And if Trump won’t do it … 

6/ … are super-majorities of Congress prepared to enact a statute requiring him to do so? 
7/ iii. Oh, and also: When if ever will we (or Congress) see the transcripts of his conversations w/Erdogan and Putin? 
8/ NOTE: I can speculate about the answers, as can all of you. What I’m looking for is actual reporting w/reliable sources. 

Map of current territorial control in NE Syria operations by Turkish Army and Syrian National Army by @almohrarmedia2

How cynical would it be for Trump to lift sanctions on Russia to oppose (_____).

  • October 13, 2019
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