Trumpian Greenwashing: Russian media racketeering and suppressing the 2020 vote

Russia’s useful idiots are also proxies. In a bid to repeat 2016, the swing states will have third-party efforts as well as support for non-Democratic efforts.

In this case the self-proclaimed “environmentalist” declares that he supports the Green Party, but not really. Like greenwashing, it’s bait-and-switch.

Mike Flynn and Jill Stein in Russia with Vlad

Lest one thinks these spring from whole cloth, one needs to remember the Russian efforts with the NRA, laundering funds to the GOP. And then there’s Moscow Mitch and Rand Paul.

Louisiana Republican gubernatorial candidate David Duke meets with an unidentified supporter during a rally in Benton, Louisiana, Nov. 15, 1991. The supporter wears a paper bag over his head identifying himself as a closet voter. (AP photo/Tannen Maury)
Like Seb Gorka, Dr. Duke got his degree from an unaccredited university, this one in Ukraine (sic)

Former KKK Leader David Duke Endorses Tulsi Gabbard 2020 Presidential Campaign, Says She’ll Put American Interests Over Israel…

Syncretic support from the Russians will appear in the strangest places, no different than the RWNJ efforts to support Trump’s activities. See all that troll-bot activity whose greatest coup was to actually get liberal and conservative online groups to actually confront each other in street demonstrations using Facebook in 2016.

Remember that Arms for Dirt and the Turkish-Syrian conflict is in a last instance, still about Russia, because it’s as always about money.