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In the original Brothers Grimm fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, the story is known for a blonde mane, braggadocio, getting caught by lies, abuse of a child, and finally a disastrous end. Although a fairy tale, the Grimm fable was more a nightmare for little German children.  That brings us to present-day America, a president spinning tales of riches while surviving off the efforts of another. Flanked by a human laugh track of cargo shorts clad 300,000 dollar members of his country club, Mr. Trump bombarded the crowd with lies about establishing the Veterans Choice program (which was instituted by President Obama in 2014) and as a topper saying no one had ever thought to include preexisting conditions in health care. Keeping in mind the Trump administration is currently in court to eliminate the Affordable Care Act, with one of its major provisions being the coverage of people with preexisting conditions, he told his paying crowd of supporters, “ I’ve always been in strong favor—we have to cover pre-existing conditions,” Trump continued, “This has never been done before but it’s time that people of our country are properly represented and properly taken care of,” he concluded.  

So, as Mr. Trump tries to sell to the public the gold spun from straw by the previous administration, his real complicitous record of killing immigrant children, killing a journalist, and now killing the American public by the thousands every day is as frustrating to watch as the tangle of his blonde locks on a windswept tarmac. The deluge from his fire hose of lies and distractions is not thirst-quenching it is blinding. Meanwhile, while the press covers preposterous stories of Trump’s likeness being added to Mount Rushmore, twenty-three post office officials were fired Friday, in an alleged effort to discredit the Postal Service before mail-in ballots are delivered to aid the American public amid a pandemic. Mr. Trump is openly trying to destroy the bedrock of the American way, free and open elections.  

If re-elected, he has proposed circumvention of Congress by attempting to change or eliminate payroll taxes, which in time would essentially destroy Social Security. His suggestion of a convoluted eviction moratorium based on a set of criteria by the states was a sleight of hand so slick Houdini would applaud. Even his labeling of the documents he signed over the weekend, ending in a giveaway of presidential pens like door prizes, were just superfluous memoranda, meant to confuse,  confound and control an ever-growing, and well-earned negative narrative.

After a week of nonsensical, self-aggrandizing press conferences that turned into pseudo rallies,  the media finally fact-checked, in real-time, and tuned out. So, the President propped up his peanut gallery of followers at his private club to stroke his ego and intimidate the press. That attempt backfired. While trying to exercise his alpha-male persona, a force of very smart unflappable female reporters confronted the President with facts and super-Don’s kryptonite—truth. Like most bullies, he turned red (or a deeper shade of orange) tried his usual tricks of yelling excuse me, raising his hand palm outward, and grimacing in disapproval, only to be met by follow up questions. When faced with the truth, the thin-skinned Trump turned tail and ran away.    

Vote in 2020 for Change.

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