Trump: You're a bad Jew if you vote Democratic

In his ongoing campaign to try to pretend everyone in the world is racist except for him, Donald Trump today said any Jewish person who votes for a Democrat is “disloyal.”


Trump, of course, is the king of both disloyalty and a total lack of knowledge. If he crashed with his family in the Andes mountains, it’s a safe bet he’d resort to cannibalism before he ever bothered to peel the foil off an in-flight vegan meal.

And “lack of knowledge” is the leitmotif of his life. Beyond the correct spelling of his own name and the approximate location of his Don johnson, it’s difficult to say with any confidence what he knows. I mean, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking in this clip, for example. Someone told him to say Democrats hate Jews and he just ran with it.

That said, he has a steep mountain to climb on this one. According to Pew Research, no religious group favors Democrats more consistently than Jews do. In the 2018 midterms, for example, 79 percent of Jews voted for Democrats, versus just 17 percent who favored Republicans.

Maybe he finally realized he won't get 95 percent of the African-American vote in 2020 so he’s trying to make up the difference with another demographic. It wouldn’t be the craziest thing he’s ever done. 

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