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Trump — yes, Trump — says Buttigieg is 'trying to pretend he's religious'

Yes, Mr. “Two Corinthians” himself.

The apotheosis of the Seven Deadly Sins.

The porn star fucker.

The inveterate conman.

Mr. “Drink My Little Wine and Eat My Little Cracker.”

The guy who tried to put money on a communion plate.

The guy who couldn’t name a single passage from the Bible.

The guy who’s lied more than 15,000 times since taking office.

That guy is claiming one of his potential Democratic opponents is merely “pretending” to be religious.

That fucking guy.

At a rally in a Miami megachurch last night, Trump projected like never before, claiming Pete Buttigieg is faking his faith. (Then again, Trump, of all people, should know.)

The Daily Beast:

From the pulpit of Ministerio Internacional El Rey Jesús, the president said Buttigieg was “trying to pretend he's very religious” and claimed the mayor only started talking about his faith recently. “All of a sudden, he's become very religions… this happened about two weeks ago,” he said. He also made fun of Buttigieg's last name, and called him “Alfred E. Neuman”—the fictitious Mad Magazine cover boy. 

Uh huh. Way to prove how Christian you are by comparing one of your opponents to a cartoon character. Well done. I’m sure the irony was lost on these “Christians.”

Of course, saying Buttigieg is “pretending” to be a Christian is obviously code for “psst — remember, Pete Buttigieg is gay.” As if anyone at a Florida megachurch could forget that.

I mean, how could an openly gay man also be a Christian? Christianity is the exclusive province of adulterers, liars, and rip-off artists, apparently.

And that, friends, makes Donald Trump the most Christiany Christian who’s ever Christianed.


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