Trump Won't Throw Out First Pitch in the World Series So the Nats Call in Chef José Andrés.

Trump is afraid he will look fat out there on the mound what with all the body armor and stuff, and, I suspect he is also afraid of facing his bedrock primal fear, being isolated in a spotlight while waves of vocal disapproval wash over him.

Whatever the reason drumpf won’t take the mound Sunday, so the Washington D.C. nationals will instead go to the well-seasoned reliever Chef José Andrés to toss out the first pitch.

For his part, Chef Andrés is hoping the Nats have it wrapped up in four…

My personal fantasy scenario has the Nobel Prize Committee rushing out a special award for best dissing of a Chief Executive by a Chef Executive and presenting it on the mound to Andrés.

That would make for a perfect game in my eyes.

  • October 25, 2019