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Trump Won't Prep for Debate [Updated]

NBC News is reporting that Trump doesn’t want to practice for his debates with Biden — the debates he is counting on so much that he wanted a fourth one:

Trump spurns traditional debate prep with first faceoff less than 3 weeks away

President Donald Trump has not held a single mock debate session, and has no plans to stage a formal practice round, as he readies for his first faceoff with Joe Biden in less than three weeks, according to multiple people familiar with the discussions.

The president has dismissed the typical debate preparations he participated in four years ago, joking to aides and allies that he’s been preparing for debates since he was born. His ability to fire back at an opponent in real time, he’s argued, “isn’t something you have to practice.”

Instead, Trump has so far chosen to prepare through informal discussions with key allies and with briefings from top officials in his administration on various topics that are likely to come up, these people said.

Trump has long relied on his fantasy view of the world, often to the detriment of the rest of us. This one looks to turn around and bite him instead: He has really bought into his fantasy that Biden is too old, too senile, too out of it to go up against him for 90 minutes at a stretch. He also overestimates his own skills at extemporaneous debate in claiming that he’s best when he is being spontaneous:

The president’s allies who are supportive of his cavalier approach argue that Trump is best off the cuff, and that he’s preparing regularly by holding news conferences with the White House press corps.

Riiiight. Unlike a press conference, though, Trump can’t declare the debate over and walk off the stage when he gets a question he doesn’t like.

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What’s the market in popcorn futures these days? I could use some easy money.

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