What the hell is wrong with you?


I don’t know what’s worse. Wishing grieving families a “Happy” Memorial Day, the cringe-worthy bragging, failing to even mention their sacrifice, or having the distinction of being the first presidential Memorial Day message to end with “Nice!”.

This is supposed to be a solemn day reflecting on the ultimate sacrifice made by patriotic men and women who, you know, didn’t get five deferments for a made-up ailment. Trump sees today as a happy holiday to play golf… and then somehow managed to make this day all about him—using the same horse sh**  lies about the economy that only his idiot supporters eat up.

Considering his insults to POWs and Gold Star families, this disgraceful statement should not come as a surprise, but yet still does.

Trump wasn’t finished…

While men and women were lining up to pay their respects at nearby Arlington Cemetery for the fallen, Trump used his “executive time” to watch his morning Fox & Friends. Trump sent out multiple tweets continuing his sad tradition of live-tweeting everything he saw:




Classy, Donald.  

And, once again, he’s full of horsesh**:

“Spygate” is Trump's term for the incident in which the FBI, upon hearing that people within the campaign—namely George Papadopoulos and Carter Page—had contacts with Russians, asked a retired academic to go talk to them about that.

Despite Trump's use of the term “spygate,” at no time did the FBI plant anyone inside the campaign for spying or any other purpose.

I don’t ever want to hear a peep from those who attack NFL players protesting police brutality because they kneel for the national anthem.  There is nothing more disgraceful and unpatriotic than Trump’s actions today.  

I apologize to the families of American war heroes everywhere that our president is politicizing their sacrifices and has no apparent understanding of what today is.   You deserve so much better.

Here’s a better message you deserve from a more decent person:


Thanks, Obama.

  • May 28, 2018
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