Like the President Trump’s Guidelines for America, Trump wants it to appear like he personally disbursed the US Treasury’s money to you. Because you will vote for his re-election as if you are grateful to Mango Mussolini. How absurd has this example of bad capitalist brand management become.



Trump administration faces pushback for coronavirus postcard prominently displaying president's name

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump's administration is drawing criticism for a nationwide coronavirus mailing that features the president's name more prominently than the social distancing guidance public health officials want Americans to follow.

“President Trump's coronavirus guidelines for America” is emblazoned on one side of the mailing in upper case blue letters. The other side of the card includes recommendations, such as that Americans avoid restaurants and large groups.

Critics said the prominent display of Trump's name applies a political veneer to the mailing. The postcard, sent to 130 million households in an election year, is stamped with logos of the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“Trump is using the CDC and the post office … to promote his own interests,” said Michael Carome, director of the health research group at the left-leaning Public Citizen. “He's using the levers of government, the agencies at his disposal, to promote him.”…