This Trump voter says she is voting for Trump again but was unable to name one promise kept or reason to vote for him again.

This Trump Voter is gettable

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This MSNBC reporter interviewed an older woman about her vote. She is a former Obama voter. In 2016 she voted for Donald Trump. She felt that he spoke to her.

The reporter asked her if she could provide something that Trump had done, fulfilled a promise, or anything. She could not name any. But she felt Trump could keep her safe.

Many progressives look down on this woman. Many consider her expendable or not very smart. I do not. I know too many progressives that are culturally progressives but really do not know exactly why.

I see this woman as an opportunity. The fact that she had previously voted for Obama, makes it clear that the progressive seed can be replanted. Progressives need big wins with allies. These do not need to be overt progressives. After all, we know that most want the policies we support but simply for many reasons hold back from stating them.

This Trump Voter used Trump and Fox News keywords. In other words, those are the ones who invested in her. After we have secured our base we should not forget to expand it with those who do not initially seem like allies. They are generally closer to use than the right and if we provide an off-ramp with support, they are gettable. My most recent book discusses techniques that have worked in my very red county and throughout the country.

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