Trump Voter: I don’t know if I will ever vote Republican again

Not even this anti-immigrant Wisconsin 2016 Trump voter is voting for him again. Instead, the woman says it's Biden and never Republican again.

Trump voter bails on him and GOP

Watch the full episode here.

This Week is going around the battleground states and interviewing people to see who they are voting for and why. As usual, with the mainstream media, they try to be balanced even if it is a forced balance.

The problem with a forced balance is that it is a false balance. It is dangerous because it could influence the internal analysis of the watching/listening audience.

So, in this particular report, they found someone who was voting for Trump, someone who was not voting, and someone who voted for Trump that was going to vote for Biden.

I keyed in on the woman who voted for Trump but regretted her vote. She represents what a large part of the Republican party had become in the Tea Party days before it became Trump's party.

These Republicans bit their tongues and voted for Trump. They knew he was anathema to their beliefs but as one or two issue voters, they acquiesced to the man even though they hated who he is. Of course, the reality is that Trump understood them, as he was them on steroids and some of them did not like what that looked like.

Except for the sycophants or the “moneytariats,” maybe 40% of Americans, most people want something else. In my conservative community, and in communities I visited pre-pandemic, I spoke to a lot people like this woman. I even get Republican callers to my program Politics Done Right on KPFT 90.1 FM Houston say similar things this woman has.

What I think we need to do is give more of these people a place to land. I am not judging when bringing folks into the fold. I hope enough of us can lend a hand to all these people who are on the fence for the better good of the country altogether.

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