Seeing what you want to see to the exclusion of all else is not only to deny facts, it is dangerous.  Proof of that is when Susan Collins and other Republicans said he [Trump] has learned his lesson. It is like when you turn to glare in the backseat of your car to stop your kids from throwing food, and they resort to spitting the moment you avert your eyes. Mr. Trump has been throwing food and spitting mad since he and his father were forced to rent to people of color in the 70s. Trump to evangelicals has become their savior.  They are willing to see what they want. Much like the soothing sound of the word cupidity, Trump has fooled his followers into a false sense of peace, and with Valentine’s Day approaching cupidity has nothing to do with a cute cherub or an angelic vision of hope,  two of its’ synonyms are, greed and lust.

The white evangelical world has so turned their back on their beliefs that one prominent member of their flock has turned to abortion metaphors and biblical parables to defend the President.  Seeing life as you wish it to be, makes you blind, not visionary.  I grew up as a lot of young black men and women in the 60s and 70s as a member of the Baptist church.  My great-grandmother dutifully gave my sister and me 50 cents, 25 cents for the opening offering and 25 cents as an offering after the sermon every Sunday, without fail.  Like most of my friends, we complained that the minister was probably spending the money on himself.  My great-granny would tell me that you are giving to a higher power and the actions of a man are not important, “you are not paying for his sinful ways.”  

The current crop of evangelicals has skewed that message.  They are spitting on us all from the backseat and throwing their food at the higher power they confess to believe; Donald Trump has become their god.  Last week alone, he attacked the belief and sincerity of fellow Christians, fired and demoted wounded war veterans, and used language, evangelicals would bang their kids over the head with a tambourine for had they heard it;

Not the lessons of—”two Corinthians.”  

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins is so enthralled with the message of his pseudo-savior that he took the blame for the Trump faux pas of describing a book of the bible as “two” Corinthians. Trump blamed Perkins and indirectly his mother for misleading him prior to his speech at Liberty University in 2016 saying, “Tony Perkins wrote that out for me — he actually wrote out 2, he wrote out the number 2 Corinthians,” he continued, “It's a very small deal, but a lot of people in different sections of the world say two, and I've had many, many people say that to me. My mother, as you know, was from Scotland, and they say two,”  said Trump.

Of course, any Sunday school 7-year-old knows the reference as “second” Corinthians,’ even atheists or agnostics know the distinction.  I am usually hesitant to write about religion, guns, and abortion because generally, it devolves into emotional name-calling and not logic, but in this case, Mr. Trump, White Nationalist, and his base have dragged us into their personal hell.

Vote in 2020 for Change.