Trump Thought About Declaring a State of Emergency in Baltimore

Jonathan Swan at Axios is reporting that sometime last week Trump mulled the idea of declaring a state of emergency  for Baltimore so that he could “say that the living conditions in Baltimore were unacceptable and that people were suffering because their Democratic representatives let them down. So Trump would take action to fix things.”

In at least one conversation with senior aides and another discussion with an outside ally, Trump entertained the idea of declaring a state of emergency in Baltimore — an extraordinary action that would potentially open up new federal powers and funding, according to four sources familiar with the conversations.

As is the new normal with the GOS (Great Orange Shitgibbon), the mere possibility caught most Republicans off guard:

Nobody knew it was coming, nobody knew how to handle it, and a week later, senior White House officials have their fingers crossed that the president won't turn their week upside-down once again with another tweet about a “Fox and Friends” segment. As the week has unfurled, people inside and outside the White House described to me how a few pokes of a keyboard by the leader of the free world sent some of Washington's most powerful political players scrambling for cover.

It seems this started after Trump’s initial tirade at Cummings for having the audacity to, you know, do his job as chairman of the House Oversight Committee:

From Monday, White House officials began brainstorming how they could amplify the president's attacks on Cummings. They talked about whether Trump should visit Baltimore. (He didn't.) . . .

Back in the White House, Trump wondered aloud about what he could do to show he could fix the problems in Baltimore and other cities under Democratic control. That’s when he discussed declaring states of emergency in these cities. The idea hasn't gone anywhere yet, according to White House officials.

“Other cities” includes San Francisco and Detroit, by the way.

White House officials decided the idea didn’t make sense (duh!), and the lawyers apparently never got involved. And it’s possible Trump has forgotten about it already (perhaps one of his few saving graces, maybe his only one). But it does lead one to wonder (hardly for the first time) how much longer there will still be relatively sane people working in this White House who can keep Trump’s insanity under even minimal control.