Trump thinks the women's suffrage centennial coin is finally being released because of him

Remember when Gerald Ford took all the credit for America’s bicentennial? No, of course not. He just stumbled down staircases every once in a while. Man, I miss those days.

While signing the Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act yesterday, Donald Trump wondered why it hadn’t been done before. I’ll let you figure that one out on your own. And since you’re not Donald Trump, it should be easy.



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“I’m curious why wasn’t it done a long time ago? And also — well, I guess the answer to that is because now I’m president. We get things done. We get a lot of things done that nobody else got done.”

This is horrifying, but I do enjoy the irony of Donald Trump celebrating all the women voters who are going to come out in droves to vote against his disgusting bloated self next year.

If I were president, I’d issue a special coin just to commemorate that.

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  • November 26, 2019