I don’t even know where to begin with this:



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REPORTER: “How do you unify the country …”

TRUMP: “Do you know what’s going to unify the country, and it’s already unified in a lot of ways. All you have to do is look at our crowds and look at our support. What unifies it is the great success. Our country today is more successful than it has ever been, and that’s unifying the country.”

First of all, our country is not more successful than it has ever been. And you don’t have to page back in the history books very far to prove it. For instance, job growth has actually slowed considerably since Trump took office. In fact, Obama added 1.27 million more jobs during the last three years of his presidency than Trump has added during a comparable period of his tenure. So by that economic measure, at least, we’re failing under Trump. And the deficit — which Republicans once touted as the end all, be all of the country’s financial health — is exploding thanks to Trump’s pro-plutocrat tax scam.

Secondly, er, what?

Trump’s Hitler Uncouth rallies are somehow proof that the country is unified? Again, all I have to do is look at Trump’s consistently underwater approval ratings to debunk that brazen bullshit.

Moreover, Trump never misses an opportunity to drive a wedge between Republicans and Democrats, or between angry white people and everyone else. Not sure I actually have to give any examples because, I mean, come on. Fresh evidence comes in every damn day.

So, no. Trump isn’t unifying the country through “success” because 1) we’re arguably less successful than we were just four years ago and 2) kids in cages, crumbling alliances, high-level corruption, the slow, agonizing death of the rule of law, etc.

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