After a solid speech by Joe Biden on policies he said he would implement, Donald Trump made a shocking lefty admission I hope his cult members heard.

Donald Trump is a lefty?

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It is clear that Donald Trump has made America a failed state. His inability to have the professionals lead the actions necessary to put the COVID-19 pandemic in check is a murderous act. This one intellectually limited man with a psychological problem has done to us what no other Super Power was able to do, bring the country to its knees.

One wonders how can an empty vessel, a man without a core be so effective. Well, when one ensures that the composite intellect of the country is stifled via divesting from education as we transfer the spoils from the work and worth of the many to the few through the most ingenious form of theft, we run the risk of electing a Donald Trump. He serves the aspirations of many who will remain unfulfilled and he pilfers for those who tolerate him because they will make him the fall guy after they have secured the loot.

Sadly, COVID-19 is like a runaway fission reaction. When it gets out of hand, it can become Chernobyl with effects lasting long into the future with the ability to hurt even those who thought themselves immune.

A willfully ignorant politics is causing our demise. COVID-19 is just the conduit but it could have been any other externality.

The clip in this post may seem unrelated to the above prose but it is not. It shows Trump for who he is, a rudderless man that lives in the now, where if it sounds good at the time he adopts. In a few sentences, he declared himself a lefty. Listen to the clip. What will rank & file Evangelicals think now?

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