Trump taking supporters to the cleaners as he cons them knowing he has no path to the presidency

Even in losing the presidency, Donald Trump has found a way to stiff his supporters with one more con, a presidency that won't be.

The Trump con continues

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As Trump's second term seemed tenuous at best, the media started asking concerning but unnecessary questions. They would ask him ad nauseam if he would transfer power if he lost the election.

What? That is a ridiculous question. This is America. Are we not a democracy that has always had a peaceful transfer of power? Yes.

But when a president makes statements saying that if he loses, the election is rigged, I guess it concerns a few and hence the questions. The thing is that it gives corrupt beings like Trump ideas. Since the question was asked, then either answer becomes plausible in his sick mind.

But Donald Trump went a step further. Now that he has actually lost the election, why not monetize said loss? There is always another loser, another sucker out there. Right Donald.

Well, Trump 71 million people base voted for him like rabid bodies. Even though it was not enough to give him a second term, it is enough to give him a windfall on his way out,

But how best to maximize money and leverage all those people? It is all about creating the story based on today's reality, created or manufactured.

So Trump's cult will be getting a constant flow of emails seeking their funding for lawyers to help put Trump back in the office. It is a con. It is a fraud.

Good job Lawrence O'Donnell.

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  • November 11, 2020