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Trump still wants COVID-19 to “wash over the country”

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Trump has never wavered from a belief that denial is his best COVID-19 policy as his indecisiveness born of insecurity around experts drives the White House dysfunctional chaos.

His inability to consider the discourse revealed in the Red Dawn emails is no different than the paths chosen for resisting the Mueller Report and impeachment. “Hoax” and “witch hunt” claims are always the default excuses for a character flaw based on aggressive projection in the service of his authoritarian instincts. He has only ever been about the money, whether touting “cures” or pimping for favored industries. The pressers are sad exercises in unveiling a pathological liar.

The lack of imagination signified by his identity as a “stable genius” is no different than assuming that he’s frightened of the “smart” coronavirus. He remains fixated on a naive notion of herd immunity that would sacrifice large numbers of people mainly concentrated in the cities and bring a 2020 victory similar to 2016. Each of his pressers have featured lip service and empty rhetoric punctuated by contradiction and crankiness.

The Washington Post reported on Saturday that during a Situation Room meeting on the pandemic in March, Trump asked White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci, “Why don’t we let this wash over the country?”. Two unnamed sources told the Post that Fauci was stunned by the question. “Mr. President, many people would die,” the doctor reportedly told Trump.

Trump hopes for continued ambiguity in testing data because he’s frightened by the possibility that the death toll will be much higher, regardless of his primary objective of “restarting the economy” in order to help his re-election. 

The Trump administration still has no clear plan for ending the coronavirus crisis, but it does have many task forces.
There is the official task force led by Vice President Pence that meets daily and is supposed to oversee the government’s sprawling response to the pandemic that has cratered the economy and, as of Saturday, killed more than 20,000 in the United States alone. There is the “Opening Our Country Council,” an economic task force announced Friday that is focused on reopening portions of the economy as quickly as possible. There is the group that reports directly to President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, a cadre dismissively dubbed “the shadow task force” that helps Kushner with his roving list of virus troubleshooting.
And there is also the “doctors group,” a previously unreported offshoot of the original task force that huddles daily to discuss medical and public health issues, created in part to push back against demands that the health experts view as too reckless.


As a result, an administration that has lagged behind at nearly every step of the pandemic still has no consensus plan for when or how to reopen parts of the economy, even as the president and many advisers push to do so as soon as May 1. There is still no concerted plan for getting vital medical supplies to states, which are left to fight among themselves or seek favors from Trump. There is also no developed plan for what happens if cases or deaths spike as people begin to return to work, or how to respond if the coronavirus surges again in the fall, as many public health experts and administration officials fear.…


#PresidentialDisaster indeed! Much like Trump Derangement.

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