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Trump still vaguely threatening sanctions on Turkey, how empty are they?

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Is sanctioning Turkey a kind of virtue signaling or is the Trump administration prepping the ground to lift Russian sanctions?

In case you forgot that there was a monstrous steel imports tariff on Turkey that Trump promptly rescinded, because it’s virtuous to double a tariff then reduce it by 50% to appear like something happened. 

Therefore a Trump economic sanction won’t touch anything remotely affecting the business interests he has in that country. And since in some cases it’s only his name on something that’s not his property, he surely could easily write it off if something happened to it.

While the US certainly has the capability to damage Turkey’s already fragile economy, it’s unclear if the Treasury Department will take action given the vague nature of the conditions outlined by Mnuchin.

Trump’s decision to authorize Treasury to sanction Turkish officials comes just days after bipartisan legislation sanctioning Turkey was announced from Graham.
Graham, along with Democrat Sen. Chris Van Hollen, announced a sanctions bill on Wednesday, outlining sanctions against top Turkish political leaders as well as “any foreign person who sells or provides financial, material, or technical support” to the country’s military and energy sector. However, it’s unclear if the bill would pass in the House, and the two senators might struggle to get the supermajority necessary if Trump refuses to sign the bill in the first place.
“It’s pretty, pretty devastating,” Henri Barkey, adjunct senior fellow for Middle East studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, told CNN regarding Graham and Van Hollen’s proposal. Barkey, however, expressed skepticism on whether the Treasury would impose sanctions in the first place. “There’s almost an escape clause in there,” Barkey said, pointing to Mnuchin’s statement that the Treasury hopes “we don’t have to use” these sanctions.

Lifting Russian sanctions will be aided by GOP politicians.

Arms For Dirt is still about the sanctions:

This will be a GOP talking point even after Moscow Mitch and doing solids for Deripaska:

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