Trump snaps at reporter when asked about his upcoming meeting with Putin

Has anyone ever thought about sticking a meat thermometer in Trump’s head when he gets like this? I kind of want to know if there’s any chance he’ll self-combust. And I can only guess the thermometer would easily sink in as if his head were a half-baked meatloaf. Ha ha. Yeah. As if it were.

Today, Donald Trump went full Donald Trump when asked if national security officials would be in the room when he meets with Vladimir Putin at the G20 Summit. It did not go well.


“Well it’s probably easier because you people are so untrusting, so it’s probably better. Would you like to be in the room? Okay? Would you like to be? I can imagine you would be. I think it’s probably easier if we have people in the room because you people don’t trust anything.”

Uh, no. They don’t trust you. Maybe because you’ve told 10,796 lies — and counting — since your coronation.

And maybe because you went to “extraordinary lengths” to hide the details of other meetings you’ve had with Putin.

And maybe because you’re a lifelong con man.

And maybe because of that whole Mueller report thing, with the obstruction and the election interference and your campaign manager giving internal polling data to Russians, etc.

In fact, I propose we sew a baby monitor into the lining your underpants and create a new C-SPAN channel for the live feed, because we can’t trust anything you say or do. 

Then none of us would actually have to be in the room, would we?

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