Trump, short on tactics, now wants you to “trust me” on economy with depression-level unemployment


What do you have to lose, except your money and your life. 18,000 lies can’t be wrong.

Trump inherited Obama's recovered economy and when Trump faced a serious challenge, chose to destroy it. Now he wants to promise something other than more of the same chaos and incompetence.

Co-dependent Nation, because haven’t Americans learned anything about Trump’s abuser shtick of love, honor, obey — only to give the Bachelor rose to the 90 day Fiance, because Russian mail-order brides are not human trafficking.


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has a new pitch to voters for this fall: Trust me.

As the economy faces a once-in-a-century recession, with more than 38 million people out of work, Trump is increasingly talking up a future recovery that probably won’t materialize until after the November election. He’s asking voters to look past the pain being felt across the nation and give him another four-year term on the promise of an economic comeback in 2021.

“It’s a transition to greatness,” Trump says over and over, predicting a burgeoning economy come the fall. “You’re going to see some great numbers in the fourth quarter, and you’re going to end up doing a great year next year.”

His chief economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, echoes the wait-until-next-year sentiment, holding out hope for a “big bang 2021.”…




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