Trump Senate Trial Latest: Moscow Mitch Has Not Released His Memo on Trial Rules to Democrats.

The Media may be fooled by Moscow Mitch, but someone put something into Senator Dick Durbin’s Wheaties because he called out Moscow Mitch’s bad faith when setting the rules for Trump’s trial in the Senate.  Note:  Democratic Senators don’t like to point fingers at other Senators because of some insipid norm or rule that hasn’t been torched by Moscow Mitch, at least not yet.  Anyway, seems that Moscow Mitch has not been bothering to talk with Senate Democrats over the weekend on the rules.  It does appear that Moscow Mitch has a memo on those rules though, and he is not sharing it with the Democrats.  Looks like he is going to spring it on Democrats sight unseen on Tuesday.

With President Donald Trump's impeachment trial expected to begin Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has yet to share a memo about the rules, a leading Democrat said.

Speaking on NBC's “Meet the Press,” Sen. Dick Durbin said the Senate's leadership team hasn't been negotiating behind the scenes and the memo hasn't been shared. That memo, he said, “is supposed to kick off this entire trial.”

Durbin, the chamber's minority whip, said he didn't know what motions might be called for Tuesday because, “we don't know what the McConnell memo or resolution includes as we start up.”

“We're less than, a little over 48 hours away from the trial actually commencing, and there hasn't been the most basic negotiation or exchange of information,” said Durbin, D-Illinois.

He also iterated that the trial should be fair and include witnesses, or else “history will find” the ones responsible. The Senate itself, Durbin said, is on trial and “the jury's the American people.”

“The bottom line is, is there going to be a fair trial? Are we going to have evidence, documents and witnesses? To this point, Senator McConnell has said 'no, not necessary.' He's made up his mind long ago,” Durbin said. “But I think the American people expect a real trial to have real witnesses and evidence.”

Given how Durbin wants to be all bipartisan, this is kind of a big deal that he is calling BS on Mosow Mitch.

As for Moscow Mitch, he has pulled his head into his shell.

McConnell's office hasn't returned a Courier Journal email requesting comment on Durbin's remarks.

Yes, I know.  This is not the least bit shocking.  In fact, it is very predictable that Moscow Mitch would steam roll Senate Democrats.  The only people who may be “surprised” by Moscow MItch’s cover up of Trump’s crimes are the corrupt and stupid members of the Media.  The very predictable fix is in.