Trump seems defeated as Biden continues to energizing masked crowds in Pennsylvania.

Today is election day. Are the polls on point? Will Biden beat Trump? Let’s talk about the future under whoever wins the election.

Will Biden beat Trump?


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  • The COVID-19 pandemic devastated America. How would a Biden administration differ from Trump?
  • America is already a sick country with a large population with pre-existing conditions. COVID-19 will add millions more with pre-existing conditions. Who best can give us an acceptable solution?
  • Economic opportunity requires work. Not every leader has the empathy to understand that.
  • Every worker should be unionized. Hell, corporations have unions. They call it by a different name. If we are to retake this country, we will have to ensure that the worker has more leverage so that the like of Jeff Bezos cannot pilfer them.

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  • November 3, 2020