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Trump Says Nothing About Lewis – Until Just Now

Tributes from everywhere are pouring in on the death of Congressman John Lewis, a civil rights giant and the last of the speakers at the 1963 March on Washington.

John Lewis: Former presidents join tributes to civil rights icon

Even the White House acknowledged him:

Rep. John Lewis was an icon of the civil rights movement, and he leaves an enduring legacy that will never be forgotten. We hold his family in our prayers, as we remember Rep. John Lewis’ incredible contributions to our country.
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(although it will fly at half-staff for less than a day)


Pence hails John Lewis as a 'giant' whose 'selflessness' will inspire generations, Kayleigh McEnany calls him an 'icon'

and of course, from the current president . . . bupkis:

As of this writing [10:47 AM EDT], Trump has not tweeted about the passing of Rep. Lewis — a man whom Trump only mentioned in life to throw a days-long tantrum because Lewis skipped his inauguration — while other Americans have poured out grief and remembrances.…

The Congressional Black Caucus prefers it that way:

Congressional Black Caucus chair encourages Trump to stay silent on Lewis's death: 'Please let us mourn in peace'


Agreed. Let’s not do anything to distract from our mourning Cong. Lewis’s passing by having to watch the Mangled Mango try to say something decent while his tongue forks, his eyes bug out, and his throat chokes. The nicest thing he can do is shut up.