Trump says he likes Black hair at WH Turning Point USA event


Trump distracts from the current crisis by hosting RWNJs at WH.

For those folks who love the oxymoron Young Black Conservatives also love “stay in your lane”. Fortunately no one advocated eating babies.

  • Trump congratulates the young black conservatives for standing up to what he calls “oppressive forces” that “demand conformity and control.”
  • Trump praises Turning Point’s Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, saying of Owens that she’s very tough and — even though he’s not allowed to say this in “the Me Too generation” — beautiful.
  • Trump mockingly advises young men never to call women “beautiful,” since it’s not allowed anymore.
  • Trump calls Candace Owens up. She begins by saying he is the only president who seems to be getting younger, not older, in office, and that he has found the fountain of youth, and it’s probably because “he loves the fight.”

  • ! Trump praises, at length, Terrence Williams, the comedian-commentator whose false claims about Clinton-Epstein and about Ilhan Omar he shared on Twitter. He calls Williams up to speak at the White House.
  • Trump accurately touts the record Black unemployment rate. Here’s the chart.

  • “We’re good at getting things done,” Trump says in explaining how he got something passed that he didn’t actually get passed.
  • Trump accuses Democrats and the media of “colluding” to “nullify” the election, adding that “many African-American people voted for Trump.” Exit polls had it at 8%.
  • Trump: “African Americans built this nation. You built this nation. You know, you’re just starting to get real credit for that. I don’t know if you know that. You’re just starting to get – you built the nation. We all built it. But you were such a massive part of it.”
  • Trump says he could get Democratic approval for the wall by announcing he opposes a wall. “I shoulda thought of that two years ago,” he says, but says it’s being built anyway, though no additional miles had been built as of Monday.
  • Trump on illegal migrants: “You’d be amazed at how many African American people come up, and they have people living near them that are brutal killers. They’re killers. But you’re tough, you fight back. But sometimes you don’t win those fights, because these guys are tough too.”
  • Trump is touting Opportunity Zones and criminal justice reform, adding multiple “sir”s into his account of how criminal justice reform happened with his help. (This story seems to be at least somewhat less inaccurate than almost all other sir stories.)
  • Trump: “I get along with Kanye for a long time.” He’s telling the story of his clemency for Alice Johnson, and how Kanye West wore a MAGA hat.
  • Trump says he’s “in the process” of getting additional people freed from the prison where Alice Johnson was formerly incarcerated, at her recommendation.
  • Trump is telling a story about Van Jones that has become a story about how he used to go to boxing matches with “con man” Al Sharpton.
  • Trump calls Al Sharpton “sort of a third-rate con guy.”
  • Trump is now attacking Van Jones at length for supposedly praising various people he’s “never heard of” for criminal justice reform, on some show, and not naming Trump. “I’M THE ONE THAT DID IT,” Trump shouts, saying he called up Jared Kushner to complain about Jones.
  • After ranting about Van Jones supposedly not praising him enough, Trump says, “Should we get back onto script?” People say “no.” Trump mocks Jones a little more, then starts reading his script about school choice.

“I love her hair,” Trump says.

  • Trump gives this young woman from Turning Point a cheek kiss, returns to the podium, holds up one finger and says, “I gotta get the other cheek,” then walks back to try to kiss her again. He then gives a thumbs-up, saying, “Now I feel better.”
  • Trump says he has heard Cameroon is beautiful.
  • Trump has concluded. There were some…moments in that speech.


  • October 4, 2019
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