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Trump Said It Was Antifa. McCarthy (!) Said Bulls…

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The Incompetent Insurrectionist this morning tried to claim that the rioters were really “antifa” and not his supporters at all, the same way some conservative commentators have been doing since the failed putsch on Wednesday. He did this in private (probably because the rioters would go ballistic if they heard him say that) in a phone call with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy, who is aiming for a gold or at least silver medal in the bootlicking competition, nonetheless wasn’t going to swallow this one.

Trump blames Antifa for riot

President Trump today privately — and falsely — blamed “Antifa people” for storming the Capitol, even though clear video and documentary evidence exists showing the rioters were overwhelmingly Trump supporters, Axios' Jonathan Swan reports. . . .

In response:

In a tense, 30-minute-plus phone call this morning with House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Trump trotted out the Antifa line.

  • McCarthy would have none of it, telling the president: “It's not Antifa, it's MAGA. I know. I was there,” according to a White House official and another source familiar with the call.
  • The White House official said the call was tense and aggressive at times, with Trump ranting about election fraud and an exasperated McCarthy cutting in to say, “Stop it. It's over. The election is over.” [emphasis added]

This is the same McCarthy who insisted, AFTER the riot, on challenging more states’ electoral vote so as to help the man who had just ordered the storming of the Capitol.

Maybe even the House Minority Bootlicker has had enough?

McCarthy, who is facing major blowback for his role in encouraging dissent over the election outcome, went further:

  • He told Trump he should call Joe Biden, meet with the president-elect and follow tradition and leave a welcome letter in the Resolute Desk for his successor.

Trump said he hadn’t decided. The White House had no comment.

I don’t see Trump doing that, and if he did, I doubt Biden would accept. He’s already said he’s fine with Trump skipping the inaugural. But it looks like Trump’s hold on McCarthy is slipping, and this is the man who keeps the House GOP in line for him.

I don’t expect McCarthy will vote for impeachment on Wednesday. But now I also don’t think he will exert himself much to stop other Republicans from doing so (and at least 10 are already said to be thinking about it.)

Or maybe McCarthy just didn’t want Trump sending another mob up the Hill.

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