Trump said he tried out face mask and 'looked like the Lone Ranger'; uh …


Can this dude go five minutes without making me want to crawl into a spiderhole with a VW Minibus-sized chunk of whale blubber and a straw? 

Wha … the … fuk …?

The Washington Post:

Face masks do not need to be made mandatory, Trump said. Although he has previously declined to wear one in public or in the Oval Office, saying the look is unpresidential, Trump said Wednesday that he would wear one “if I were in a group of people and I was close.”

He described a recent, apparently off-camera, mask debut. “Actually, I had a mask on. I sort of liked the way I looked, okay? I thought it was okay. It was a dark black mask, and I thought it looked okay. Looked like the Lone Ranger.”

No. No, you didn’t look like the Lone Ranger.

This is the fucking Lone Ranger, Beav:


If you looked like that, you’re definitely doing it wrong.

Of course, that could hardly be the end of the fucknuttery, because … Trump.

“I think we are going to be very good with the coronavirus,” Trump said during a Fox Business interview. “I think that, at some point, that’s going to sort of just disappear, I hope.”

Still? This is still how he plans on approaching the worst domestic health crisis in 100 years? More wishes, prayers, and supernatural elf farts?

It will disappear. With the heat death of the universe. Until then, the imbecile will have fucked up our shit for all fucking time. 

This guy is a natural. Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry.” — Bette Midler on Aldous J. Pennyfarthing, via Twitter. Find out what made dear Bette break up. Dear F*cking Lunatic: 101 Obscenely Rude Letters to Donald Trump and its boffo sequels Dear Pr*sident A**clown: 101 More Rude Letters to Donald Trump and Dear F*cking Moron: 101 More Letters to Donald Trump by Aldous J. Pennyfarthing are now available for a song! Click those links, yo!

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