Trump retweets another Ilhan Omar smear, claims she 'partied' on anniversary of 9/11

Donald Trump could end up getting Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar killed. That’s not hyperbole. That’s a potentially foreseeable outcome of the libels and slanders he continually spreads about her.

Today, he was at it again, retweeting online gutter troll Terrence Williams, who had suggested (falsely, of course) that Omar had “partied” on the anniversary of 9/11. 


The original tweet has since been removed, but you can see a screen grab of it here:

And here was the tweet Williams was responding to. It’s a video of Omar dancing — not on 9/11:


That was on September 13 — a Friday. So if you did anything fun on that day (like, say, head out for the weekend to play golf) shame on you. And if you tweeted this on September 11 …


… seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you?

Of course, Omar noticed Trump’s slander, and she wasn’t having it.


By the way, you may remember Terrence Williams. Trump has retweeted him before — most egregiously when he shared a totally unhinged and unsupported conspiracy theory implying that the Clintons had murdered Jeffrey Epstein in prison. 

But that retweet was okay because … well, he didn’t really have a reason:


So that’s all you need to be “respectable”? A half-million followers? The New York Times has more than 4 million paid subscribers, and Trump can’t stop barfing out his criticism of them.

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