This photo is a screen grab off a video taken as Bunker Boy was leaving his helicopter after returning from the disaster that was Tulsa. So the quality isn’t the best. (But then, with Bunker Boy, it never is.) Here’s a link to the twitter feed of the video:

https: //

(DKos for some reason won’t let me embed the actual link, so I had to fudge it. Cut and paste the text into your browser.)

Watch the full video; his walk, the look on his face, his whole demeanor, says he knows he totally fucked up. Badly. There’s been speculation here about the upcoming twitter rampage, but I just checked his twitter feed (and now have to wipe down my monitor with clorox) and he hasn’t said beep for 12 hours.

Last night, it actually hit Bunker Boy that America really doesn’t like him and wants him gone. It has finally hit home in a way he couldn't ignore that he’s sinking. Now is the time to throw him an anvil.

That’s not Biden’s job, by the way. He can and should remain above the day, acting like the statesman he is and simply by that act, make the contrast to the Great Orange Shitgibbon all the more obvious. It’s up to the Lincoln Project (which I’m sure is already on the case) and the rest to hammer more nails into his coffin. (Democrats are already doing so.) And while we’re at it, come up with more bad metaphors — that’s the fun part of this!