Trump reportedly 'pleased' with his performance last night

If this report is true, I feel really sorry for Melania.


So Trump brought us to the brink of war, freaked out the entire world, destabilized an already unstable region, and thinks he deserves a cookie?

If President Obama had “performed” like this, Sean Hannity’s throbbing vermilion baboon rectum would have been visible from space. This was a clusterfuck brought to you 100 percent by the dumbest, most unfit dipshit on the planet.

And “loved being in command by ordering the strikes and by then ordering the stand-down” is a really, really frightening fucking phrase. I’ve enjoyed playing Call of Duty from time to time, but it’s just a video game

This is real life — unfortunately.

And, oh, this needs to be said. Who waits until a military mission is already underway to inquire about the likely number of casualties? It’s like putting a cake in the oven and then Googling to see if cake mix is supposed to include sugar.

Who the fuck is this moron?

It’s really astonishing what a horrible unforced error all this is. Iran was still a problem when Obama left, but it was way down the list of priorities. And now we’re on the eve of destruction because Donald Trump hated a nuclear deal he’d obviously never read and decided to pull out of it against the advice of everyone with two brain cells to rub together.

We need to remove this cancer now

This is serious.

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