Trump regulations reversal hurts those who made him prez

Trump regulations reversal sicken & kill those who made him president and more.

President Trump has reversed many regulations. We all know there were purposes for each of these regulations. Interestingly, the people hurt more are those who voted him into office.

As an example, wealthy people don’t have to be concerned about the water in creeks surrounding coal waste. They can afford to build private streams in gated communities away from industrial plants and waste. They can afford to have purified air pumped into their homes 24/7.

The majority of the Trump voters affected by his irresponsible deregulation do not have the options of those affected. They are the ones that will get illnesses caused by the President’s irresponsibility.

Trump regulations reversal kill

The Brookings Institution has a tracker that details all the rollbacks during the Trump administration.

The Trump administration has major deregulatory ambitions. But how much deregulation is actually happening? This tracker helps you monitor a selection of delayed, repealed, and new rules, notable guidance and policy revocations, and important court battles across eight major categories, including environmental, health, labor, and more. For a more thorough explanation of the tracker, including guidance on how to use its interactive features and an explanation of how entries are selected, click here. Sign up here to subscribe to the newsletter, which will include select updates from the Deregulatory Tracker as well as new research from the Center on Regulation and Markets.

Whether you support or oppose ongoing regulatory changes, Americans have the right to participate in the regulatory process and to comment on these proposed rules. Read more on here on how to submit the most effective comments on proposed regulations.

Ali Velshi and his team at MSNBC must be commended. While most networks and segments concentrate on impeachment, the mundane, or on issues to deflect Americans from issues that really matter, every so often Velshi, a real journalist, gets real informative.

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