Trump refused to lower flag because he thought McCain coverage was 'excessive'

Many have remarked that there simply is no bottom to this president. Well, there is, and it’s covered with poopy diapers and baby powder.

From The Wall Street Journal via Talking Points Memo:

While he eventually agreed to lower the White House flag in honor of Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) passing again on Monday — after receiving criticism from veterans for only leaving the flag at half staff for the weekend — President Donald Trump was resistant to the gesture because he thought McCain’s death was getting too much news coverage.

According to people familiar with the situation who spoke to the Wall Street Journal, Trump thought the reporting on McCain’s passing, just one day after his family announced he would stop seeking medical treatment for his brain cancer, was “over-the-top and more befitting a president,” in WSJ’s words.

More befitting a president? Which Trump — somehow — just happens to be? What a coincidence.

But the difference is, everyone liked and respected John McCain, and the only people who respect Trump are not worth knowing.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders reportedly played a leading role in convincing the President to agree to lower the flags again and issue a proclamation on McCain’s death.

“It was 99 percent Sarah,” and partially Chief of Staff John Kelly’s influence that got Trump to change his mind, a senior White House official told WSJ.

Glad to see the Mouth of Sauron finally did something worthwhile and decent. Don’t hold your breath for an encore.

He was a war hero, Mr. President. Be a little more gracious.


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