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Trump “pro-life” evangelicals are now fiercely defending the murder of actual babies

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From now on, anyone going on a rant about how they are pro-Trump because they are “Christian” and “pro-life” are getting sent these photos by me—directly and with no warning. Why?  Because they are responsible for supporting this carnage.

I decided not to show these four photos directly in the article, but I have links to them.  It’s important you see them. These are Kurdish babies and toddlers who have been killed by Turkish forces and Turkish-backed proxy forces.

Warning: these are heartbreaking…and graphic.

The following video I will display: A father who is begging for death because all of his children were brutally massacred.

This is horrifying and disturbing.  Yet the exact same people who claim to be “pro-life” and scream about the termination of a damn clump of cells are now justifying and excusing the murder of actual babies.  This goes well beyond their glorification of assault rifles, or laughing at a stupid Trump video depicting a congregation getting butchered. This is downright depravity.

Ralph Reed recently went on a tear about how horrible abortion is, while in the same breath saying that evangelical Christians must obey Trump. He supports the Syrian slaughter because he literally argued that Trump was equal to God. His book was even entitled “Render to God and Trump”. 

Paula White said opposing Trump was opposing God.

Robert Jeffress announced that he will submit and defer to Trump on his decision to allow the killing of the Kurds. He admitted what we already know: not one evangelical will change their vote over this.

Sure enough, at the so-called “Values Voter Summit”, which occurred after the Trump-approved genocide, all of the pastors prayed for Trump and commanded obedience to their Golden Calf.

And, as expected, reporters couldn’t find one right-wing evangelical willing to condemn him over this.

F…. you.

Not that it in anyway matters, but the Kurds are Christian. They have been our fiercest allies—or were, I should say. The Kurdish Peshmerga were the single biggest factor in turning the tide on ISIS.  They bled for us, as they have in the past.

Their history is tragic. They have no nation because their homeland was carved up into Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, all of whom have ruthlessly persecuted them. Turkey has always committed the worst atrocities. The US has used them repeatedly, and abandoned them. Trump gave a green light to have them killed, and even insulted them. Apparently, they deserve to be abandoned because the Trump family doesn’t know who they are.

The atrocities are piling up quickly in Syria. There is video of Erdogan’s forces beheading Kurds. They are killing civilians of all ages, and also releasing ISIS prisoners because they know they will seek retribution on their Kurdish captors.  One Kurdish human rights activist was raped, tortured, and violently suffered a painful death from the released jihadists.

This current slaughter is exactly what Turkey, Russia and Syria wanted, and they got it because Trump is the weakest president in history. Trump always, always does what dictators tell him to do: roll over.  He has no spine.  By they way, those aren’t my words, those are the words from the National Security Council official on the phone call. 

For the record, Trump has actually agreed with the evangelical claim that he was the “second coming of God”, and the “King of Israel”. In reality, he is dangerous sociopath who cages toddlers and now, allows them to be killed for his own nefarious purposes. That isn’t God-like at all. Rather, it is the personification of evil. 

I went to an ultra-religious school in my youth run by right-wing Christians. They kept warning us that one day, Satan would return. Even at a very young age, I imagined how they’d fight him when that day arrived.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think they’d worship him.  

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