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Trump privately tells donors it will be 'very tough' for Republicans to keep the Senate

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And in case you’re giving Donald Trump credit for a level of understanding that seems beyond his ken, he also thinks Republicans will take back the House. And no one thinks that. 

No, it appears he thinks the Senate is lost because there are some GOP senators he doesn’t like — and screw them, right?

The Washington Post:

“I think the Senate is tough actually. The Senate is very tough,” Trump said at a fundraiser Thursday at the Nashville Marriott, according to an attendee. “There are a couple senators I can’t really get involved in. I just can’t do it. You lose your soul if you do. I can’t help some of them. I don’t want to help some of them.”

The attendee shared the president’s words on the condition of anonymity as the event was a closed-door gathering. It was held before the last presidential debate between Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

The president — in a sentiment not shared by many of his party’s top officials and strategists — said he instead thinks the Republicans “are going to take back the House.” And many strategists involved in Senate races say the party’s chances at keeping the chamber are undermined by the president’s unscripted, divisive rhetoric and his low poll numbers in key states.

Imagine being in a foxhole with Donald Trump. In addition to giving away your squad’s position with persistent billowing clouds of Big Mac smell, he’d also no doubt frag your ass to buy himself 10 extra seconds to finish his fries. 

So who are these senators he can’t support? Is he against them because they’re complicit in caging children or letting a pandemic spiral out of control in our country? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! No, of course not. He’s no doubt talking about people who didn’t show him absolute groveling, lickspittle obeisance during every moment of the past four years. You know, people like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski. 

Oh, and why are GOP senators in trouble? Guess.

Senate Republicans have known for days that the probability of the party losing control of the upper chamber has increased drastically, with even Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) pegging his bid to keep power as “50-50” in a recent radio interview. Some strategists say that between Trump’s fumbled response to the pandemic, which has left at least 224,000 Americans dead, his disastrous first debate performance, and the White House’s rash of coronavirus infections, the battlefield continues to shift in favor of the Democrats — and that Trump has not always been helpful.

So while other members of his party are bailing like mad in hopes of staying afloat until November 3, Trump is pissing in the boat. It’s all he knows.

Let’s make their nightmares come true.

Support Joe, and hell yes, let’s give him a Democratic Congress.

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