Live Blog Below (not really a doozy)

Trump’s incompetence and negligence if not already a sign of Trump’s unfitness for office can be measured on charts. We’re now at “tremendous progress”.


When you’ve lost the Federalist Society…


So many questions possible — currently projected start at 530pm ET. The current pattern is not to go over 30 minutes total, which constitutes whatever “new tone” has been instituted.

Thursday, Jul 30, 2020 · 9:42:58 PM +00:00 · annieli

Trump starts at 540pm

Herman Cain acknowledgement, uses “China Virus”, and goes to written statement.

Trump tries to minimize US numbers by citing higher numbers for Asia and Latin America.

Comments on popularity of governors after resurgence uses “1917” again. Has trouble with the word “determinant”?

“rearing” rather than “roaring” back

Nonsense of “half the deaths come from less than 1% of our population”

Makes more nonsense claims about numbers coming down in spots like Texas and Florida. He always has trouble pronouncing “plasma”. Starting to go sing-songy, getting bored with reading.

Now onto economic update and congressional action. Usual blah blah about job creation, selective mention of policies. He will get asked about the 32.9% quarterly drop. Trashes “Jyna”, touts “next year” blames China. “This is not anyone’s fault”, blames Democrats for obstructing economic payments (GOP is trying to reduce them). Lies about only one person under 18 dying of COVID in New Jersey.

Gets on a riff, repeating “death”. Does pimpage to try to make voucher payments of funds for parents to send children to private schools.

“America First” then riffs on trade, blah-blah moving into campaign speech boilerplate. looks to getting to end of remarks.


Q: delaying election was a a trial balloon?

Trump tries to cites WaPo and WSJ (holds up paper) does bafflegab calls Biden positions on fracking a loser (from yesterday’s campaign speech)

Trump tries to distinguish between absentee voting and mail-in ballots, does riff against USPS.

President Trump suggests it could take “years” to get an election result in 2020 “with litigation and everything else that can happen.”

Trump veers back to COVID, cites WSJ, (when Trump uses props he’s more full of it)

“Russia,Russia,Russia” China… claims they might forge ballots.

Q: isn’t this a non-starter?

“Stupid people may not know it” Trump goes to usual bafflegab on election fraud, now goes to California example. Usual trump rhetoric “disaster” “I don’t want to see a rigged election” claims a Western PA challenge.

Q: Congressional bill?

Trump goes to blame China

Q: OANN asks about Portland’s “federal troops”

Trump riffs the same stuff  $100 million building disaster, “professional anarchists”, etc. Claims he’ll send in the National Guard. “Beehive of terrorists”

Q: MLB, Rutgers football quarantine, what about schools reopening

Trump claims it won’t affect young people must reopen schools.

Q: Vaccine?

Trump bafflegab, sees he’s going to get tougher questions,

Flees at 612pm.

Interesting MSNBC question if Trump sues 20+ states on the 20th Amendment. Amusingly, Ari Melber compares it to an episode of the TV series “24”.

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