A survey of nearly 23,000 Americans across every state shows Donald Trump’s response to the pandemic gets a lower rating than every governor in their own state. 

While this is not too surprising considering none of the governors (to my knowledge) has mused about people being injected with cleaning fluids, it is interesting to see how Trump’s performance rates by states, especially the swing states that will determine the fall election.

It might also be noted that Governor Roy Cooper in North Carolina is up for re-election and Governor Steve Bullock in Montana is running for the US Senate.

Every other governor running for re-election this year gets at least 67% approval except for Missouri’s Republican Governor Mike Parson who gets 60% approval.


Trump and Governor’s Approval on Pandemic Response By Key States
State   Trump Approval Gov. Gov. Approval
Arizona   53% R-Ducey 66%
Florida   47% R-DeSantis 52%
Georgia   47% R-Kemp 56%
Michigan   36% D-Whitmer 63%
Montana   50% D-Bullock 63%
N. Carolina   47% D-Cooper 63%
Ohio   51% R-DeWine 83%
Pennsylvania   40% D-Wolfe 62%
Wisconsin   39% D-Evers 58%

It is noteworthy that Trump’s approval is 40% or lower in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Governor Whitmer in Michigan is surely pleased that her approval in Michigan is 27 points better than Trump’s considering he has often attacked her.

Trump’s campaign might also be displeased that he is only rating 47% approval in the key states of Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. He only gets 44% approval in Texas, the same as his national average.

Democrat David Ige of Hawaii has the lowest rating at 39%, but Trump gets only 32% in the Aloha State. Ohio’s Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, has the highest rating at 83%.

The survey was a cooperative effort by professors from Northeastern University, Harvard, and Rutgers.

We surveyed 22,912 individuals across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. The survey was conducted on 17-26 April 2020 by Pure Spectrum via an online, nonprobability sample, with state-level representative quotas for race/ethnicity, age and gender. In addition to balancing on these dimensions, we reweighted our data using the same demographic characteristics.


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