Politico says Trump has told his political aides to monitor statements by Republicans that oppose his efforts to hold onto the Presidency with an eye toward supporting primary challengers in 2022 and maybe beyond.

High on the list would likely be the governors and other Republican state office holders in Georgia and Arizona. Members of Congress that fail to follow Trump’s demands that the electoral college vote be thrown out are also likely targets of Trump and his loyalists.


Now, it’s becoming clearer that Trump’s cash-flush PAC could be deployed in two years against remaining Republican incumbents Trump doesn’t like. Trump’s tweets and public statements have already drummed some GOP officials out of office during his administration, but the PAC could be a potent new tool in his continued quest to shape the party.

The Trump forces sent up a warning flare on Wednesday when they launched a $5 million TV and radio advertising blitz calling on Republican-controlled state legislatures to hold hearings on voter fraud. Some of the commercials are running in Georgia, whose governor, Brian Kemp, is up for reelection in 2022 but has come under heavy criticism from the president for not bending to Trump’s calls to overturn the election results.

Turmoil within the Republican Party with pro-Trump factions trying to oust anyone Trump attacks could produce rich rewards for Democrats.

  • December 24, 2020