Trump on shutdown: 'The buck stops with everybody'

Donald Trump has never been one to accept responsibility for his actions. I mean, the guy once tried to blame two of his employees who had died in a work-related helicopter crash for his own business failures.

With regard to the shutdown, it’s becoming clear that he didn’t start with a plan, still doesn’t have one, and is now basically just a fat carp flapping around on the bottom of a rowboat.

So this is no surprise. At all.

On Thursday, 19 days into the government shutdown, a reporter asked Trump if “the buck stops with you over this shutdown.” “The buck stops with everybody,” Trump responded, potentially launching a copyright suit from former President Harry Truman's estate.


On the flip side of this, Trump is always eager to claim credit for anything good that happens on God’s green earth — including the sunset, the sunrise, the energy-releasing fusion of hydrogen atoms, and light itself.

And let’s be clear, there’s no government shutdown without Trump’s original giant-wall brain fart and his puppy-like need to be loved by Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and his dipshit mob.

So, yeah, the buck stops with the pr*sident. And he alone deserves the blame. But don’t fool yourself into thinking he’ll ever accept it.


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