Trump officials angry about G7 focus on 'niche issues' like climate change and gender equality

They want to talk about issues on which Trump is merely an idiot instead of a dangerously ill-informed über-moron. It’s not fair!

The Guardian:

Macron whisked the US president away for an impromptu meal for two on an oceanfront terrace at the Hotel du Palais. Trump initially appeared frosty but later called it “the best meeting we have yet had”.

Senior administration officials quoted by the New York Times among others were not so sure, complaining the summit had moved from core issues such as global economics and trade to “niche issues” such as climate change, gender equality and development in Africa. The topics were chosen to appeal to Macron supporters, and even to embarrass Trump, who pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord, they said, as protesters marched the streets of the French city calling for action to tackle the fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest.

“It’s our view that with France trying to drive these other issues outside of global economics, national security and trade, they’re trying to fracture the G7,” one official told White House reporter Gabby Orr.

They’re trying to fracture the G7? France? WTF are you talking about? France isn’t the one dropping a methed-up raccoon into the middle of the banquet table every damn day of the summit.

But it’s nice to know that the survival of our planet is just a “niche issue” that should take a back seat to Donald Trump’s attempts to destroy the world economy. Then again, if economic activity stalls because of Trump’s Midas touch and enough people die as a result, climate change will be mitigated.

He really is a stable genius!

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  • August 25, 2019