Trump offers Russia (not California) help in battling wildfires

If only our pr*sident loved the state of California this much. At least we know he cares about Putin, though, if not the 40 million people who live in our largest state.


US President Donald Trump offered Russian President Vladimir Putin assistance in fighting vast wildfires in Siberia during a phone call on Wednesday, the Kremlin said in a statement.  

Putin saw the gesture as a step towards warmer relations between both countries, the Kremlin wrote.  
“The president of Russia praised this move by the President of the United States as a guarantee that in the future it will be possible to restore full-fledged relations between the two countries,” it said.

Contrast that with this:

Get your rakes out, Californians. You’re on your own.

I guess this is what Trump means by “America first.”

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