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Trump motivates the base. OURS!

I've said for months now that the ultimate Democratic secret weapon in the 2018 midterms is the $1 Store Caligula himself. And with his frenzied, vicious response to Omarosa's digs at him, he may be signing his own political death warrant, something that even he can't issue a pardon for.

It's not like Trump and the GOP was in some kind of a rosy, post coital bliss heading into the 2018 elections. They have struggled to find any accomplishments to run on. They can't run on their piddly ass tax cuts for the lower and middle class, department store workers aren't driving Mercedes' to work and farting through silk. They can't run on the construction of their big, beautiful wall, you know, the one with the golden door in the middle of it, and they sure as shit can't run on child separation. They can't even run on the repeal of Obamacare fer Crissakes! And even GOP incumbents seem to realize that running on the size of their corporate campaign war chests may not be such a great idea.

The Repugicant's already had a very real worry about the problem of getting Der Gropinfuror's rabid base out for an election where his name wasn't on the ballot. But now, they have an even bigger  one where Trump actually drives up the voter turnout for the Democrats instead, at the same time that he's depressing the vote of one of his core constituencies.

The Republican's were already coming to fear the “year of the angry white woman.” Those suburban, educated white women helped to fuel the near flipping of the Virginia House in 2017, they squashed any hope for Roy Moore in Alabama, it helped to float Conor Lamb's little blue boat in PA-18, and depending on the uncounted absentee and provisional ballots, may yet put O'Connor over the top in Ohio.

And now, 84 days before the election, Trump has given not only these women, but all women fresh fuel of outrage to drive them to the polls in November. When I awoke late this morning to Glorious Bleaters tweet about Omarosa being a “dog,” the first thought that went through my mind was, “Oh, so now she's a bitch too?” After all, that's what he's really saying, isn't it? You never hear a man called a dog these days, “You dirty dog” has gone the way of the dookie bird, but “you son of a bitch” is still one of the most popular epithets around. You can agree or disagree with me, but I don't think I'm the only one who thought that this morning.

The GOP was already worried about base voters not showing up when Trump wasn't on the ballot, but now they have an even worse fear on their minds. And that fear is that by Trump himself not being on the ballot, that only leaves slavish, Trump backing GOP incumbents left on the ballot for angry voters to take their fury out on. Even if some Republican women, white or otherwise, won't cross the aisle to vote for a Democrat, they may well decide to sit out November 6th in protest of Trump's disgraceful treatment of all women. And from our point of view, that's just as good. It's kind of funny when you think about it. A party that survives almost solely on voter suppression suddenly having to worry about their own President suppressing their own vote.

And the worst part for the GOP is that there is still 84 days to go. While His Lowness has sworn that Apprentice owner Mark Burnett has assured him that there is no Apprentice tape of him using the N-word, we've only heard crickets from Burnett himself. If Omarosa actually heard the tape, then she didn't go into the Burnett vault to listen to it, it's out there somewhere. And if it's out there, I find it almost inevitable that it will become public before election day, hopefully before early voting starts. And that will only open up an even more calamitous can of worms, even closer to election day. Don't touch that dial.

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